Introducing Charles Spada Home!
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The Home Cook Set

Charles Spada Home

Charles Spada x A.G. Hendy & Co.

What better way to get a dinner invite: give your bestest chefy friend a very desirable Home Cook set. It includes some beautifully designed and highly practical items we doubt they’ve ever had the pleasure of before. Such as hand-forged kitchen scissors that perform a sharp list of functions beyond cutting, a mushroom brush – the only way to dust down the fresh and wild fruits of the forager’s haul. Bet they don’t own trussing twine either - a must for roasting the bird. All wrapped in tissue and packed into a large and highly desirable vintage ex-museum archive boxes, making the Home Cook set a sure chicken dinner winner.

Please allow two - four weeks for pick-up. Boxes are prepared and shipped, upon order, from the United Kingdom.

A G Hendy & Co is a unique hardware shop and kitchen on the south-east coast of England, where the everyday is made special and the utilitarian made desirable.

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