Introducing Charles Spada Home!
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Come Dine with Me Gift Set

Charles Spada Home

Charles Spada x A.G. Hendy & Co.

A table set with the best silver flatware and crisp linen, and lit by the glow of a single candle is the making of a deliciously memorable meal. This present, wrapped and packed into a vintage ex-museum archive box, will turn simple into special, and offer further dinner invites to come, galore.

Please allow two - four weeks for pick-up. Boxes are prepared and shipped, upon order, from the United Kingdom.

Set Includes:

Vintage set of 6 silver plated soup spoons and 1 soup ladle. Vintage flatware is EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver) and this classic rattail handle design was produced from 1900 through to the 1950s in Sheffield, England.

Vintage linen table runner.

Alter candle. This traditional free-standing altar candle is made by church candle makers, a family run business that was founded in London’s Bishopsgate in 1845. The candle is very slow burning and will last a good 160 hours.

Crumb brush: A brush of soft goat’s hair and polished pear wood that is perfect for sweeping away the crumbs from your table. Yet it is as equally at home at your desk, for cleaning your laptop and keyboard.

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