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Eco Household Set

Charles Spada Home

The eco household set is housed in a vintage ex-museum archive box, and includes a selection of handmade brushes that are suited to dealing with all your more delicate household dusting needs. Tissue wrapped and packed into our largest gift box they are the perfect present for the more discerning housekeeping fanatics amongst us.

Please allow two - four weeks for pick-up. Boxes are prepared and shipped, upon order, from the United Kingdom.

Set includes:

Slim Jim Brush: A handsome brush of hand-tufted horsehair and oiled beech wood which will make light-work of dusting down awkward surfaces, such as Venetian blinds.

Book Brush: An elegant brush of soft goat’s hair and polished pear wood that is perfect for dusting off the tops of your shelved books. Yet it is as equally at home at your dining table, for it makes an excellent crumb brush.

Handy Feather DusterA small feather duster with a varnished wood handle and leather cuff – and a handy one for a quick whip-round. 

Computer Brush: The ultimate brush for the daily cleaning of laptops and computers.  The softer bristles gently free dust from your screen and the top row of stubby bristles tackle the keypad.  It is also excellent at freeing dust from around printers, scanners and telephones.

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